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Buy South African Unitarian greetings cards

When you buy these Unitarian greetings cards all profits go towards promoting the development of the national Unitarian movement in South Africa.

The high-quality cards have an African Chalice (actual size pictured above) on the front, are plain inside, and on the back have the words:

Since what we choose is what we are
And what we love we yet may be,
The goal may ever shine afar,
The will to reach it makes us free.

William de Witt Hyde (1858 - 1917)

Unitarians of South Africa
Design "African Chalice"
by Patricia Oliver


this chalice is large and wide
this chalice is firm and solid
this chalice is round and inviting
this chalice is comforting and supporting
this chalice is full to the brim with ideas
this chalice has room for you
and me
and all of good will

by Franci Louann
Poetry Editor, The Canadian Unitarian
Vancouver, Canada

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