Durban Unitarian Congregation

Durban Unitarians often comment that they attend services because they 'enjoy them so much', not because they feel they 'ought to'.


Forthcoming Services

26 November 2023

Topic:   Factfulness

Coordinator: Sally


10 December 2023

Topic:   Reflections of the year

Coordinator: All


Services resume 28 January 2024

Recent Services

12 November 2023

Topic:   Rising from below

Coordinator: Baard/Attwood


29 October 2023

Topic:  7 Spiritual Laws of Success - Chopra

Coordinator: Sarah


8 October 2023

Topic:  Spiritual Growth & AI

Coordinator: Dave


10 September 2023

Topic:   Spring Equinox

Coordinator: Websters


27 August 2023

Topic:   Tara Brach reflection

Coordinator: Shawn


13 August 2023

Topic:   AI – The End of the World or The Beginning of a New One?

Coordinator: Irwin



30 July 2023

Topic:   The Synchronicities between the Teachings of Jesus & Mahayana Buddhism

Coordinator: Nima Taylor


9 July 2023

Topic:   Can shrinks help to shrink pain?

Coordinator: Judy


25 June 2023

Topic:   Winter Solstice

Coordinator: Carol


11 June 2023

Comrades – no meeting


28 May 2023

Topic:   The Good Life, a Unitarian’s Perspective

Coordinator: Sarah


14 May 2023

Topic:   On Being a Unitarian

Coordinator: Baard


23 April 2023

Topic:   Accountability in Government, using Unitarian Principles

Coordinator: Mike Webster


26  March 2023

Topic:   Autumnal Equinox

Coordinator: Dave Ellinger


12  March 2023

Topic:   A Buddhist Overview of Death – Ayya Khema

Coordinator: Shawn


26 February 2023

Topic:  Zulu Cosmology – Focus on Health Belief System

Coordinator: Irwin


12  February 2023

Topic:   Role of Language/s in Our Lives

Coordinator: Andrea


22 January 2023

Topic:   Spaces Sacred and Social

Coordinator: Carol




The Durban Unitarian congregation holds relatively informal services on the second and fourth Sundays of every month.

Venue and Time

9.30 for 10.00am: Second and Fourth Sundays of every month

Venue: [Frank Ferrar Hall, Palmiet Nature Reserve – under repair] – TBA

Contact Barbara on barbarabaard0@gmail.com


Visitors of any faith or non-faith are very welcome to attend ALL services. 


About Durban Unitarians and services

Our small congregation has no minister.  Members of the congregation take turns (on a volunteer basis) to lead the services.
Services include readings, music, presentations and stimulating discussions thereof and are followed by coffee and tea during which the subject of the next presentation is discussed.
Durban Unitarian services are living proof of a commitment to create a spiritual environment that encourages participants to think for themselves.

The lighting of candles

A feature of all our services is 'the lighting of candles' in which members of the congregation who choose to do so each light a candle.....

·       in memory of.....(example: a departed friend)

·       in the hope that.....(example: a cure for AIDs will be found)

·       to remind us that.....(example: there are many who cannot afford to celebrate Christmas)

·       in honour of .....

(example: a spiritual leader such as Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Hurley, Mahatma Gandhi, the Dalai Lama)



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